The future of the weddings dresses unsettled

The future of the weddings dresses unsettled landscape can be described as full of Lingyun Zhi, but fifteen or twenty years ago, the human work environment, more hard work is the qualifications, is relationship, and we rely on self-made hard work of learning, the ability to share in front of the complex network of pale highlights its duties, the work of my naive enthusiasm, often in the face of reality smash hit. Until the late nineties, when my social experience and social relations in a bit of my own efforts to build a scale, the industry's rapid development, tourstage golf clubs and require too much scientific and technological content, which we had learned far from the campus, I can not fail to re-examine themselves, but had to learn, learning-to-date business knowledge, learn computer, learning the business, and like the same students continued efforts to recharge your batteries, and when I accumulated through the continuous efforts of their own, thinking that everything is all the time of preparation, some of the industry policy of the rules and frequently introduced, Spaghetti Bridesmaid Dresse male 45, female 40 years old or more can not compete Zheng Keji including Zheng Keji leadership post, I reluctantly, I can only long for the former who, for today's young people do the wedding dress. Helpless all sigh, people over forty days after noon, while the recent past its peak in the mirror, although the table is no longer spring style remains the same, like leaves in autumn, although not Piaoling, but it is already aware of its destination. Although no longer a warm afternoon sun, but still Halter Fashion A line Skirt Hot Sell White Wedding Gowns warm; Although no firm leaves in autumn, but still grow, but become more significant in early northern autumn is the feeling of it to survive the bleak, although no yellow, they are shivering. Northland fall like this, always, come and no sense at all when the autumn wind blows, you feel infinitely sad.People like Anne, are the vicissitudes of the mind was, perhaps, appear to be still young. Are free and Callaway Hyper X Driver lonely soul, such as butterfly wings, half white, half shadow. Baby Anne, you are the butterfly, because carrying too many vicissitudes of life, so destined to fly, but the sea. It was just ending. As long as we have free wings, and freedom of the soul. □ I always feel that you have no care. Because Annie is the text of those people, they strive to conceal traces of the years, as if nothing had happened, and if forever preoccupied, always ready to crisp glass-like fragmentation. do not give up because of other people's comments.

Par abliuxuejun le mercredi 20 avril 2011


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