Hide behind them louboutin pump sale

Hide behind them louboutin pump sale ; English teacher asked me to English scores from 177 classes , I see you in the 177 class, one will be asked to rush out quickly . I'm afraid , I'm really afraid , afraid to ask me your exam results , I am afraid you are disappointed, afraid that I lost my confidence in you ! Teacher, I'm really sorry you, I live up to expectations ... your home , rain , and think you are good to me , think that I'm sorry your results, along with the rain tears streaming doping this Down ... teacher, I will not let you louboutin pump down to you , please do not lose confidence in me . Dry the tears, raised his head , confident and move forward ...Interaction with others, if there is no self-esteem, thick skinned, no; in turn, excessive self-esteem, thin skinned, no good. The correct principle; from the actual needs, so that self-esteem to maintain a certain flexibility. We live in this world, people deal with the inevitable, inevitably many things to make their own decisions, inevitably encounter many difficulties and problems will inevitably face of adversity and setbacks, not golf clubs avoid to seek help and support of others. In order to survive, to live comfortable as possible some of you it is necessary to create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to their activities. Self-esteem is too strong too heavy, he considered himself the backbone of the most hard, his best behavior, their views and most correct, refuse to communicate with others and exchange; refused to seek support and help of others; refused to give up their some of the ideas and insights. If this continues, you will be avoided if everyone see the loner. If there is cheap christian louboutin no self-esteem, what people are bowing before; anything to ask for help, to seek the views of others; own ideas , opinion, once the others were opposed to any principles of all give up, drift, parrot, like the reed-like wall, no backbone, no assertive, not principle; of what people have to please, what people have to curry favor , what people have to close, not at all himself. Over time, who will trust you, who will respect you, who will support you, who dare with your contacts, work with cheap christian louboutin you, Xu have made a very insightful: seeking advice, not to give up self-esteem; sometimes bow, not the broken backbone. ancient emperors, that is how the noble, and sometimes Incognito Travel; superior in power, sometimes to seek its advice. is not how much they close to the people, but to show the performance, make it look, or to their decision-making more realistic.

Par abliuxuejun le jeudi 21 avril 2011


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